Dec 022013

clinton-mo-badgeCommemorative Coin celebrating the sesquicentennial (1836-1986) of Clinton Missouri.

We recently acquired this gem of history – a commemorative coin mounted on walnut celebrating the 150th year of Clinton Missouri in 1986.  Interesting that they take as their theme the “Artesian Princess of the Prairie”.  The spa-era destination spring with spouting fountain that once attracted visitors to the city faded from use when the fountain ceased spraying in the early 1900s. It is now overgrown. The original site comprised 40 acres. Today, on the remaining grounds there are playgrounds, tennis courts, and the Artesian Amphitheater, built in 2002 by Hilton Hotels Random Acts of Service. See our previous posting on Vintage Image of the Week, for more information on Clinton’s Artesian Spring Park.

Incidentally, the Henry County Museum  located on the square one of the best local history efforts we’ve seen. It is housed in the handsome Anheuser-Busch building, which is on the National Register. The museum is strongly supported by the community, with donations of land, buildings, and artifacts; exhibits change frequently and staff are helpful. Most importantly the museum is open regular hours so if you are in town during those times you can likely get in to see it.

Every week we post an unpublished image that relates to the Osage River, its ecology, history and development. None of these have been used in Damming the Osage, but they relate to the themes of the book. A brief caption identifies the location and our thoughts on its significance and meaning. Feel free to use these images for personal use if you credit “Collection of Leland and Crystal Payton.”  For commercial use, email us for details and a modest fee for a higher resolution image. We have thousands of historic photographs and brochures as well as our own contemporary photos.

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