Jan 282017

When we published this photograph of Osage Chief Red Eagle’s Wife and Daughter we speculated that the Chief referred to was Paul Red Eagle. Recently Michael Snyder, author of a soon-to-be-released biography of John Joseph Mathews set us straight.

Mathews’ account of the funeral of Red Eagle, which we quoted, described final ceremonies, not for Paul Red Eagle (as we speculated), but for “Chief Henry Red Eagle, who served as tribal councilman twice, and was the assistant principal chief from 1910-1912, when John Joseph’s father, William, was on the tribal council.” Paul Red Eagle, per Mr. Snyder, was the son whose lament so moved Mathews.

We thank Mr. Snyder for this clarification and look forward to the publication in May of John Joseph Mathews: Life of an Osage Writer

You can find Mr. Snyder on Facebook at http://facebook.com/MichaelSnyderOK