Dec 162013

727Real Photo Postcard, circa 1920

Message on the back makes it sound like this photo was taken for a particular friend. Written in pencil it says:  “Osage River near Osceola. Here are some river (pictures) near Mrs. MacKenny made for you as we never got to take any while you were here. I guess we will go to Alba the last of the week.”

Every week we post an unpublished image that relates to the Osage River, its ecology, history and development. None of these have been used in Damming the Osage, but they relate to the themes of the book. A brief caption identifies the location and our thoughts on its significance and meaning. Feel free to use these images for personal use if you credit “Collection of Leland and Crystal Payton.”  For commercial use, email us for details and a modest fee for a higher resolution image. We have thousands of historic photographs and brochures as well as our own contemporary photos.

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  2 Responses to “Osage River near Osceola”

  1. Fantastic! I love old photos like this. I’ve been going through my grandparents’ albums for the past few months. They have lots of nice creek shots too, but unfortunately they’re unlabeled. If I had to guess, I’d say it was probably the Gasconade and/or the Big Piney rivers. If I find one from the Osage, I’ll send it your way!

    • If you know that location or date or any specific information about who took the photo … make a note (writing lightly in pencil) on the back of the photo. It’s so sad to see unidentified photos in boxes in antique shops. Without those little bits of information we can only guess why some anonymous person took a picture of a place….

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