Jan 062014

728Real Photo Postcards, 1915

Embossed with name of photographer, “McKinney, Osceola, MO” these two unusual images of high water on the Osage were taken on May 30, 1915. The residents seem to take the high water in stride.

Written in pencil on the back of the photo of the woman in the john boat: “All alone on Dank Island. Just as the river was starting over the bank in the front yard.”






Inscription on the back of the photo of the group gathered around the table says: “You can see the water around the big Elm tree where it just starting over. This is Mr. Fort, one of our neighbors, and Mr. McKinney and Bert and myself and one of our kitties by the hat on the table. This is our watermelon table.  I will go home Tues. Bettie”