Jan 302013

Spring at Jerico

Real photo postcard by Suttle

This is an earlier version of the spring and basin (such as it is). Even in the early days, it didn’t pour forth a volume of water. Originally there was a sandstone or limestone rock wall, later surfaced by concrete, and a wooden bandstand between the spring and Main Street.  Today the wooden bandstand is gone. A stone bandstand, circa 1930, is now located on the other side of the spring.

Written on the back – “Dear grand son: Albert will send you a card of Jerico park.”

(Below) A recent photo of the spring site and park at Jerico Springs.


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Oct 102012

Real photo postcard, circa 1910, by Surtle

Today virtually a ghost town, Jerico Springs has suffered the population loss of many villages in the Osage basin. As well as being a trade center for small prairie farms, there was a small spring whose waters were said to be curative.

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