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If you write for an online or print publication or produce a television or radio show and are interested in receiving a PDF review copy of Damming the Osage, please email with your email address and name of publication or blog.

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  1. I am Chief Bacon Rind’s great great grandson and I would like to review this publication for historical accuracy for my family. Feel free to contact me by email or phone.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Chad BaconRind, Osage

  2. I love your work and am referencing your See The Ozarks book in an article I am writing about Dewey Short. Your books are delightful. I would be glad to review/receive any of them.

    • Thanks for your comment on our books. Looking forward to reading your article on Dewey Short. We’re working on a book on the James River and Congressman Short – the “Orator of the Ozarks – was a fabled representative of southwest Missouri and a power behind the building of Table Rock Dam. More information on him in our post:

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